Ten years ago, I purchased by first cardigan…life has never been the same since that day! My first cardigan, Panda, is my heart and soul. He was different than any dog that I had ever met…he is intuitive, extremely intelligent (smarter than me most times), loving, and LOYAL. He created a world for me that I had never known existed. He was too smart to sit on the couch and just be my buddy. He wanted to work for me, protect me, and create a partnership and bond that was unparalleled. We entered the world of dog sports and have since earned our Rally Excellent title, winning every class we entered. He has since earned a RATN and novice trick dog title. We also dabble in herding, agility, obedience, scentwork, and tracking.

After bringing Panda into my life, I knew that I had fallen head over heals in love with this breed. I am now owned by 6 cardigans. Each is very different in personality, but they are all true to the breed in that they are intelligent, loyal, and bring nothing but happiness to my life. They are often referred to being a “magical” breed, and that is the perfect description for them. Until you share your life with a cardigan, it is difficult to understand.

After developing relationships with some amazing breeders, I have decided to breed cardigans as well. We compete in performance and conformation. All my dogs are registered with AKC.  I am learning as much as possible from my mentors, and I take breeding very seriously. All of my dogs are health tested and raised and loved as family members. If interested in adding a cardigan to your home, I would love to talk to you about what this entails. Even if you aren’t sure if a cardigan is right for you, or you are thinking about a cardigan from another breeder, I would love to help guide anyone wanting to know more about this amazing breed.