We are so proud of Cue, Salty Creek’s Talk to the Moon. He placed third in the 15-18 month puppy class amongst some heavy competition! This boy is growing up to exceed our expectations! He is a lovely young boy with the sweetest and happiest attitude. Now that Nationals are over, he is taking a break for a few months to hang out on the farm before we start back showing this fall. He is only 2 points from his championship.

Nova, Wonderland Telltail Bossa Nova, started out by winning her open class and then going WINNERS! To be given this honor at our Nationals among the top cardigans in the country was a dream come true! We are so proud of this amazing girl. She really showed her heart out. She was bred by my mentors, Paula and Cindy who trusted me to take this gorgeous girl home at 9 weeks. She has had limited showing because of Covid then I was focusing on the puppies. Now it is her turn to shine! What a way to start her show career! She will be getting back in the ring this fall!

Show news!

Cricket went Best of Breed this weekend for a 4point major to finish her Grand championship! Cricket was bred by myself and is my first bred by grand champion! We are over the moon and so proud of this beautiful girl. She always shows like a rockstar and loves being the center of attention! I am so grateful for this amazing girl!

Raising puppies…

We have taken some time off from showing to raise a litter. This particular litter is very special to me being a second generation of my breeding. Honeybee was pick of the litter from my Riley x Jai jai litter. She wasn’t able to be shown because she has a blue eye. After talking to some more experienced breeders about the blue eye, we made the decision to breed her thinking this was a very recessive trait that was unlikely to be passed to her offspring. Because there aren’t any health concerns with a blue, why not?

To our surprise, 4 out of six of the puppies ended up with blue eyes. Further research and testing of these puppies proves they are not blue merle (which we knew) nor do they have the blue eye gene found in aussies or huskies. The blue eyes are most likely due to the “white head gene” which makes sense since 2 have white heads, but 2 don’t. Apparently, the white head gene does not always cause a fully white head, so honeybee could have the white head gene without having a full white face. I am constantly humbled…finding I know so much less than I thought. I love learning something new!

Show news from the Supported entry/Specialty in Maryland

Cricket went Select for her first grand champion major on Friday, then Best Opp Sex for a 5 pt major Saturday, to then go BEST OF BREED Sunday!! She wasn’t stopping there and went on to an owner handler Group 3 and then a Group 3!!! To say we are proud just doesn’t quite do it…she is one amazing girl. She brings 100 percent every time!

Best of breed
Group 3

Emmy earned a 5 pt major toward her championship by going Winners then Best of Winners and on to a puppy herding group 4!! This young girl has a very bright future.

Best of winners

Cue was not going to be outdone by the girls and earned a 5 pt major going Winners and also was awarded a Best Opp sex in sweeps!!!

Best opp in sweeps
All the loot!

Lazy days

Sometimes we do nothing…this is what I LOVE about cardigans. We have been go go go at work the past two weeks, and I needed a break. I wanted to sit and read. The dogs were perfectly fine with that plan. They took turns trying to steal my spot!

How many cardis do you see?